KVADOS strengthens its protection against cyber risks

KVADOS is aware of the increasing cyber risks and continuously invests into securing its infrastructure. In addition to an antivirus based on ESET products and SOPHOS technology to protect its server infrastructure, KVADOS has decided to expand its protection with the help of Bitdefender, a leader in defending against the cyberattacks that have affected many companies recently. Furthermore, the company is working on implementing all current trends and recommendations for protection against cyber risks.

We joined forces with Honeywell

We are working with the market leader, Honewell, in the area of voice control technologies. Honeywell Voice will allow warehouse operators to use their hands and eyes elsewhere and work more safely, efficiently and accurately. And the results? Productivity is up by at least 30%, accuracy increased by up to 99.99 percent, and the workforce is safer and more satisfied with a higher retention rate.

We have implemented WMS for the Qanto group

The mySTOCK® WMS solution was a great success in the Qanto group. The software is expected to bring significant cost savings for storage, as well as to increase the efficiency of storage processes.

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