16. 2. 2021
We joined forces with Honeywell

We are working with the market leader, Honewell, in the area of voice control technologies. Honeywell Voice will allow warehouse operators to use their hands and eyes elsewhere and work more safely, efficiently and accurately. And the results? Productivity is up by at least 30%, accuracy increased by up to 99.99 percent, and the workforce is safer and more satisfied with a higher retention rate.

Voice recognition technologies have advanced significantly in recent years and we have grown used to it in our cars or when operating our mobile phones with speech-to-text support. Thanks to AI, the quality of these services is very high now; however, for warehouses, it is necessary to look for a solution that is one hundred percent reliable. We move in a demanding environment where standard voice control solutions are not enough.

What issues are faced by logistic companies? Their weakness is usually a lack of manpower. Voice control brings significant time savings. Another important factor is the error rate and higher speed of man-to-goods picking. The situation on the job market also means that more and more foreigners are working in warehouses. Voice control can work with over 40 languages and its implementation is very fast and intuitive. The system can also handle increased noise levels and guarantees that the warehouse operator understands the instructions in their headphones.

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