5. 10. 2020
We have implemented WMS for the Qanto group

The mySTOCK® WMS solution was a great success in the Qanto group. The software is expected to bring significant cost savings for storage, as well as to increase the efficiency of storage processes.

The implementation into the newly built wholesale storage is planned to take place in April. Due to the pandemic, there was a slight delay on the side of the customer and the implementation was moved to May, when the whole warehouse was moved and the operation was launched.

“We decided for WMS by KVADOS because we know from other projects that it provides the best software on the market. They not only produce and sell the software, but they also cooperate closely with the customer and they really follow through to the end, which once again was proven true in this project ,” said Stanislav Vodička jr., an executive of the Qanto group, about the cooperation.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages, the Qanto group also expects the handling and picking of goods to become faster and simpler. WMS by Kvados manages warehouse processes starting from pre-acceptance, through acceptance and demanding dispatching, up to inventory. It uses standard functions (reporting, dashboard) and of course provides the intuitive management of warehouse employees using PDAs.

“I am proud of our team, which despite the coronavirus situation moved to the warehouse at the outskirts of Svitavy and prepared everything necessary to go live,” says Miroslav Hampel, CEO of Kvados. “Our cooperation does not end with the implementation. We are intensely working on integration with the Tasha software that will make goods delivery planning easier for our client. In addition, we are expanding the functionality of running inventories and optimizing restocking for improved dispatch performance,” added Miroslav Hampel.

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