25. 10. 2020
The largest WMS project of this year

The most talked-about projects of KVADOS this year without a doubt also include JIPOCAR.

The JIPOCAR project is so much more than just a single warehouse. It is the second-largest warehouse facility in the Czech Republic with more then ten halls; a special hall for the storage of chemically classified substances, a warehouse of air freight, a centre for the washing of engineering products and logistics packages, and its own road haulage, car servicing and other services. The JIPOCAR company stores goods and provides logistics services for more than 100 clients.

The project started with a Business Analysis where, together with the management, we defined the business goals to better understand the client’s needs. Then we processed a logistics study that clarified the future solution concept. Our WMS provides services for approximately 70 customers in the current portfolio, which is why we divided the project into several stages – based on different types of customers.

This year in JIPOCAR we completed the first stage, the aim of which was to implement WMS for the depositors supplying e-shops and large chains with electronics. We already agreed with JIPOCAR on the second stage.
Thank you for your trust. We are glad that we could help you meet your expected goals and are looking forward to our future cooperation!

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