We appreciate every customer and respect his uniqueness.

We approach everyone as an individual and with regard to the needs and specific nature of their business. On the other hand we have a team of experts and tremendous know-how in many areas which we are prepared to share with our customers. We offer solutions which have been tried and tested throughout Europe. We then apply the gained experience to all other projects.


MARLENKA international, CEO

“We implemented mySTOCK WMS by Kvados towards the end of 2017 and the implementation took place under full operation. The original system was replaced within a single day by WMS and has been fully operational ever since. I think this is an amazing result that can only be achieved by professionals. Our company team also deserves credit for the successful implementation. Representatives of both parties worked together well and the result reflects that. mySTOCK currently manages three dispatch warehouses and we are also testing its implementation in the warehouse with raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging.”

Milan Mathauser

K+B Progres, IT and Logistic Director

“Today there’s huge pressure on the fast dispatch of goods. People expect that the ordered goods will arrive on the following day. We wanted the dispatchers to have a live overview of what’s happening in the warehouse in order to be able to efficiently assign tasks to the warehouse employees. Furthermore, goods need to be stored in optimum quantities and in optimum positions with respect to their rotation. We managed to prepare and implement the launching of WMS successfully and it took only a couple of days. Nobody from the company even noticed that the warehouse is already using a new system.”


Head of the IT/CIO Department

“There’s a sea of administration that needs to be done in a transport company. We knew that we need a comprehensive and modern software solution for the management of documents, one which will allow employees to securely access internal data and documents including the possibility of completing the required electronic forms. And we wanted the implementation of the new DMS solution to streamline existing internal processes and make them more efficient.”

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