19. 3. 2020
KVADOS, up-to-date information

Dear Business Partners,

I am writing to you at this difficult time to provide you some up-to-date information about the steps which we are taking in KVADOS to ensure the uninterrupted operation of our services. We have all currently found ourselves faced with complications in our everyday lives to a greater or lesser extent and have come up against certain restrictions which could also be reflected in the running of the company. In KVADOS, we have reacted to this completely new situation in such a way as to allow us to continue providing support for joint projects in the same scope as before, while meeting the arranged deadlines and complying with the arranged scope.

We fully respect the legislative measures imposed by the government and are adopting all reasonable measures to protect our workers and also you, our clients. We have enabled our employees to work from home and have also adapted our technical equipment to allow this, including increasing the performance of our internal terminal servers. We have supported working from home over the long term as a method of operation, so this is a tried and tested procedure for us. We have also limited business trips and replaced them with conference calls. We are currently organising work in a new regime in such a way as to work as efficiently as possible. Luckily, the nature of services we provide supports this method of work to a great extent.

Operation of our data centre is also ensured by the physical presence of our workers who are taking turns in regular shifts and working on-call.

As a company, we are thus working completely as usual just like before. We are working on handling of requests, performing modifications which have been ordered, the only difference now being that we are using conference calls instead of meetings in person. We are certain that this approach is also acceptable to you.

On behalf of KVADOS, we hope that you stay strong and wish you the best of health at this time. We are certain that we will manage everything together.

Best regards,

Hana Prauzková
Business and Marketing Director

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